Hickory Tree

Hickory Tree School is a private, non-sectarian school.  The preschool and elementary school divisions offer an academically-based program geared specifically for each stage of growth.  Our qualified and experienced teaching staff provides the personal care and support needed to enhance emotional development. 

Hickory Tree School has a group of teachers, selected for their education, experience and ability.  In addition to being academically, California-state qualified, our staff has sensitivity and understanding, to provide a comfortable atmosphere for a child's first learning experience. 

School Objectives

Our school program provides:

...a nurturing environment which stimulates a child's natural interest and curiosity.

...positive successful experiences which foster a healthy self-image.

...an atmosphere of freedom and flexibility where each child can choose, experiment, explore and initiate discoveries. 

Our Program is based upon beliefs that:

1.  The development of each child's healthy self-image is essential, and is fostered by positive successful experiences.

2.  The child is to explore within a structured curriculum.

3.  The child is (so far as possible) immediately informed of the consequences of his/her actions.

4.  The child is encouraged to make interrelated discoveries about his/her physical, cultural, and social world.

5.  Activities are self-rewarding (not dependent upon external reward or punishment). 

6.  The child participates in learning activities within a nurturing environment which stimulates a child's natural interest and curiosity.

7.  Teacher planning will accommodate learning by discovery.

8.  The areas of skill development observed and planned for are:

    1.  Social Skills

    2.  Emotional Skills

    3.  Self Care Skills

    4.  Fine Motor Skills

    5.  Gross Motor Skills

    6.  Visual Perception Skills

    7.  Auditory Skills

    8.  Communicative Skills

    9.  Cognitive Skills

   10. Conservation Skills

Our Staff

Our Hickory Tree Family 


We are very proud of our Hickory Tree Family.  We are fortunate to have a diverse staff, many of whom have been with us for upwards of 15 years!  We hope that you will join our family!



Director - Ms. Jennifer Walla-Ruiz

Administrator - Ms. Sandy Hallworth

Assistant Administrator - Ms. Andrea Ramos

Moonjumpers - Ms. Rosie Muratalla

Moonjumpers - Ms. Cecilia Granados

Tiggers - Ms. Marcela Vigil

Sunshine - Ms. Monica Fuentes

Pre-K A - Ms. Marilyn Wilson

Pre-K B - Ms. Jennifer Walla-Ruiz

Pre-K C - Ms. Nicole Toledo

Pre-K D - Ms. Jayzel Collado

Kindergarten - Ms. Maribel Ibarra

Kindergarten- Ms. Laura Ochoa

1st Grade - Ms. Rebecca Plaza

2nd/3rd Grade - Ms. Perla Leon

2nd / 3rd Grade - Ms. Jazmin Montoya

4th/5th Grade - Ms. Julie Ryland

Kitchen/Teacher's Aide - Ms. Josie Buell


Can parents visit Hickory Tree?

Parents are welcome to visit our campus any time before or after our morning drop-off period (8-9:30am). In order to provide our students the continuous optimal learning environment and minimize distractions, we ask parents kindly be mindful of classroom schedules.

Are snacks and meals provided?

YES! Lunch and snacks are included with our program.  For your convenience, a monthly lunch menu is provided on the website.  Parents are always welcome to pack lunch or snacks, particularly if there are any dietary restrictions or preferences.  We encourage healthy options to instill good nutritional choices and habits, and restrict foods with little or no nutritional values such as candy, soda, etc.

Are field trips mandatory?

Off campus excursions are highly encouraged as they are an educational and enjoyable experience for students. These trips are scheduled several times throughout the year, and are not mandatory for students to participate.  Our school provides continued day care for parents who prefer that their children remain on campus.

When is the school closed?

We are a year around school but are closed for major holidays.  Each school year we are closed for Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday), Christmas Day, New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.  The school also closes at 1:00pm on the school days prior to Christmas and New Year's Day.

Does the school have winter or spring break?

We do have winter and spring breaks where there is no academic curriculum.  For your convenience, we are still open for day care during those weeks.