Extra Curriculum

In addition to our classroom curriculum, optional extra-curricular activities are offered at our school. These classes are after our regular school hours and are taught by outside parties.  Sessions range from 4-8 weeks.  Payment and any other inquiries are fielded by each company.  

These activities include:


       Yoga Motion
  • Ages 4-10 years old
  • 45 minute weekly session
  • Monthly cost of $50
  • 1-562-758-0823 www.yogamotionclasses.com

Master Foodies Cooking Class

  • Kindergarten and up
  • 1 hour weekly session
  • Cost based on number of classes per session ($20/class)
  • Kids love preparing their meal and getting to eat it after!  Includes recipes and Kid Restaurant

Music classes

  • Music and Motion comes in weekly for music enrichment classes
  • Included in tuition

Little Dragon's Karate

  • Kindergarten and up
  • 30 min weekly classes
  • Monthly cost of $38