Kindergarten Curriculum

The kindergarteners at Hickory Tree School are all bright and eager to learn new things in our world.  Our advanced program provides a well-rounded curriculum that keeps students motivated and interested in what they are learning.

Social and Emotional Development

Our focus for our kindergarten students is to build self-esteem and development of independent learning. We teach and model good manners and courteous behavior for respect and value of themselves and others.


Spelling is key to the facilitation of written communication; learning to spell independently through phonological awareness and phonics helps students achieve greater proficiency and confidence.


Reading comprehension and interpretive age-appropriate books and stories help students identify setting, character, and main ideas within the story.  Continued learning in alphabetic sounds and correct story sequencing along with differentiation between fiction and non-fictional events allows a student to conceptualize larger world and social ideas and events.


Introduction of parts of speech, punctuation such as periods and question marks helps students organize ideas for writing sentences and responding to oral communication. Listening to changes in beginning, middle and end sounds of words helps with expansion in vocabulary.


Kindergarten children take pride in learning to count objects and place value on quantity of objects or things.  Learning ordinal numbers and counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100 builds grouping concepts and expanse ability to include problem solving situations and concepts of time, money and measurement.

A well-rounded program of science, social studies, music, and art is also offered